We offer comprehensive transloading and storage services.

With our transloading services we’ll help you increase your supply chain efficiency by moving your inventory to its final destination quickly.

We manage all the consolidating / de-consolidating and staging of freight at our Tukwila, WA location. Our trained personnel and specialized equipment can transload almost anything, whether it is bulk, bagged, united, loose, or other.

Floor Loaded Transload

Reduce freight costs. Load the entire container directly onto the floor of the shipping container rather than loading pallets.

  • Sort & Segregation
  • Pick-and-pack
  • Overboxing
  • Palletize & Shrink Wrap
  • Strapping
  • Distribution
  • Kitting & Bundling
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Palletized Transload

Consolidating the load makes it easier for the handling equipment to transport it, thereby reducing the chance of damage or loss.


Eliminate the need for storage. Products are unloaded from a container or trailer, sorted, and directly reloaded onto the outbound truck’s trailer.


Travel can get bumpy, and freight often needs to be reworked or reloaded due to, among other things, damage in transit.

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