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The Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle were fierce competitors in the early days of Pacific Northwest commerce. The rivalry between the two ports was constant and intense for over a century. However, as time passed, both ports realized they could gain much from working together.

With one another’s help, the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle have grown into some of the busiest and most prosperous seaports in the U.S.! 

So, if you want further knowledge, continue reading this article!

History of The Port of Tacoma

Tacoma, Washington, is home to the state’s largest deep-water seaport located in the Puget Sound region. It is a critical hub for international trade in the United States Pacific Northwest. In addition, this port is the fourth-largest container on the West Coast of North America.

This harbor has been operating since 1864 when the first official Tacoma harbor was built in Commencement Bay. Native Americans had been using this bay as a port for generations before Europeans arrived in the area in 1792. 

Large numbers of Americans began moving there in the 1850s, drawn by the promise of gold in neighboring Alaska. The military had also established a presence there in 1855 during the construction of Fort Nisqually.

In 1864, a formal harbor was built at Commencement Bay, given the name “New Tacoma” after the adjacent city of Tacoma. The construction of a harbor was essential to provide a home for the region’s hardworking loggers, miners, and farmers.

In addition, the Northern Pacific Railroad decided to make Tacoma its western terminal and finished building a transcontinental rail line there in 1873. After reaching its peak in the late 19th century, the port continued to expand into the early 20th century as a hub for trade between Asia and Alaska. 

Tacoma’s prominence as a shipping hub increased after the grand opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, and the city saw a dramatic increase in population by the 1920s. Today, the port handles millions of tons of cargo annually, making it a vital economic engine for Tacoma.

History of The Port of Seattle

Located in Seattle, Washington, the Port of Seattle lodges the city’s airport and harbor. The Seattle Port is a significant economic driver in the Pacific Northwest, with an extensive property portfolio that includes parks, waterfront real estate, and one of the largest airports and container facilities on the West Coast. 

In 1911, Washington established the Port of Seattle to reclaim the city’s waterfront for the public good. Therefore, the proposal had to be presented to and accepted by the general public to develop the port in accordance with the Port District Act of Washington State.

A home port for the local fishermen got established in 1913, and by 1914, the Northern Pacific Fishing Fleet had made its permanent home there. However, the port closed for business for nearly 20 years because board members had divergent views on public port legislation and the relative economic benefits and drawbacks. 

Even in modern times, the port of Seattle has previously been and continues to be an essential economic driver for the city. Moreover, as of 2010, the port had already broken cargo capacity records. The Port of Seattle commemorated its centennial in 2011 by compiling historical documents detailing the port’s development.

The Northwest Seaport Alliance

Founded in 2015, the Northwest Seaport Alliance is a collaboration between the Port of Seattle and the Tacoma Port. The alliance formalized the partnership and commitment to joint growth between the two ports, which had been working on various projects for several years.

A board of directors composed of port officials, company owners, and community activists steers the alliance. The board of directors is responsible for the coalition’s long-term vision and policy decisions. At the same time, the CEO and president supervise the day-to-day operations and the almost 200 employees.

The Puget Sound Maritime Alliance’s primary goal is to expand the region’s maritime industry by recruiting new shipping companies and creating new marine-related enterprises. The alliance has made considerable investments in the capacity and infrastructure of the ports of Seattle and Tacoma to facilitate this objective.

As a result, an increasing number of shipyards, tugboat operators, and maritime service providers have set up shop at the alliance’s seaports. In addition, the partnership is attempting to bring in new industries, including offshore wind farms and cruise liner facilities.

Furthermore, the Northwest Seaport Alliance plays a crucial role in guaranteeing that Puget Sound remains a dynamic maritime center far into the future.

Fun Facts About The Port of Tacoma

Do you know that the Port of Tacoma is one of the busiest seaports in the United States? The Port of Tacoma is a deep-water seaport that handles containerized freight, breakbulk cargo, and cars. In addition, the port is an essential link in the supply chain between Europe and Asia.

Take a look at these exciting facts regarding Tacoma’s port:

  • Three railroads and four interstates provide access to the port;
  • Over 30 different steamship companies call the Port of Tacoma home;
  • Roughly 2. 3 million containers pass through the port every year;
  • The port has five container terminals and two breakbulk terminals;
  • With almost 20,000 employees, the Port of Tacoma is Pierce County’s single largest employer;
  • One can attribute an annualized $1.6 billion economic activity to the port.

Fun Facts about Port of Seattle 

Seattle, Washington, is home to a vital port known as the Port of Seattle. Located on an isthmus between Elliott Bay and Puget Sound, it offers easy access to the Pacific Ocean. 

The port significantly impacts the regional economy, boosting GDP and helping create sustainable jobs.

In terms of total container volume handled, it is the United States fourth-largest container port. Additionally, in terms of total container equivalent units dealt with, it is the country’s ninth-largest. 

Here are some interesting and entertaining facts about the Port of Seattle:

  • The port directly or indirectly supports approximately 200,000 local jobs;
  • Thirty billion dollars worth of goods pass through the port every year;
  • In terms of container traffic, it ranks as the United States’ fourth-busiest port;
  • Both the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League and the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball call the port of Seattle their home.

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