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This article was originally published on Yahoo Finance

Morning Star Transport LLC, a prominent logistics and transportation company, has officially unveiled its ambitious sustainability initiative. Founder and CEO John Kaprian has spearheaded this transformation, guiding the company towards environmentally responsible practices while maintaining its trademark efficiency.

Morning Star Transport, renowned for its dependable fleet of vehicles, now proudly embraces eco-conscious transportation. CEO John Kaprian, who initially established the company to facilitate seamless cargo movement, believes it’s their responsibility to tread lightly on the environment.

Kaprian expressed, “We are embracing sustainability! We have officially gone digital and are now totally paperless. Our office utilizes LED lighting and disposes of waste in an environmentally friendly manner by utilizing recycling and composting.” The company has further reinforced its commitment by transitioning all warehouse machinery and vehicles from gas-powered to electric, a significant step in reducing emissions.

Efficiency has always been a hallmark of Morning Star Transport’s service. The company specializes in optimizing routes for swift and secure deliveries, offering highly competitive rates for yearly contracts. Kaprian noted, “We partner with freight forwarders, shippers, manufacturers, or 3rd party logistics providers, providing trans-loading, warehousing, drayage, and contract work solutions.”

Moreover, Morning Star Transport is dedicated to furnishing logistics and supply chain solutions that prioritize speed-to-market and dependable service at a reasonable cost. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their vast fleet of low-emission vehicles, compliant with the Clean Truck Program, effectively reducing emissions by up to 90% per truck.

Founded in 2015 to address unmet needs in the intermodal market, Morning Star Transport has swiftly evolved into a comprehensive transportation company. The company’s solid reputation is evidenced by its service to industry giants like Steam, C.H. Robinson, and TQL. Headquartered in Tukwila, WA, Morning Star Transport boasts over 15,000 square feet of warehouse space, offering various custom distribution, warehousing, and transportation services, simplifying deliveries for intricate supply chains. The company has consistently served some of the most bustling harbors in the US.

In addition to its environmental initiatives, Morning Star Transport has prioritized enhancing the customer experience. Kaprian shared their plans: “We aim to do this by installing features such as mobile apps for optimizing routes and fuel stops, GPS tracking for load monitoring, instant documentation, automated business operations, and more responsive customer service.” A recently launched website offers user-friendly functionalities, including quote requests, load status checks, a career page for job applications, and a driver portal providing real-time information. To further bolster its commitment to sustainability, the company has introduced additional electric trucks to its fleet.

Morning Star Transport believes that these eco-friendly changes will protect the environment and inspire others to follow suit. Kaprian concluded, “We believe in the changes we’re making and hope that, on a larger scale, every little change will add up to larger benefits for our world.”

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